Standard pallet collar in two sizes:

As a standard we offer 2 sizes of pallet collars: europallets with size: 1200 x 800 x 200 mm and semi-pallets with size: 800 x 600 x 200 mm.

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Pallet collars on demand

On our customer’s request we are able to produce and provide pallet collars, which are custom sized.

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Special economical pallet collars

On individual request, we are able to produce cheaper pallet collars, in the alternative standard.

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First class pallet collars

Each pallet collar that we produce is made of the top quality materials.

High-durable wood

We use four-sided planed wood, which is dried thoroughly.

Reliable hinges

We use galvanized, riveted hinges, that create flexible but solid construction.

Eco-friendly technolgy

Our pallet collars have IPPC certificate and are fully eco-friendly

kartony na palecie przygotowane do użycia nadstawki paletowej

We have our own standards. We accept only the top quality

Mil-Drew Company was established to support logistics specialists in their everyday work. We also quickly started to cooperate with gardeners. We want to be connected with the highest quality of products. That is why, in our company, there is no place for half-way solutions. We do our work at 100% or not at all.

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    mężczyzna rozmawiający przez telefon na magazynie, nadstawki paletowe w tle

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    We are cooperating with the logistics companies, production facilities, garden shops, individual customers.

    Our pallet collars helped to optimize more tan one space and business. Please, find out how we are able to help you:

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