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  • rośliny w nadstawkach paletowych, zastosowanie w ogrodzie

We help to optimize logistics

Logististic specialists, very often facing challenges. The transportation, storage of fragile, compact an bulky products is one of them. We have decided that our mission will be to make their work easier. That is why Mildrew Company was founded. We are offering the top Quality pallet collars, which help logisticians face everyday challenges.

Pallett collars are reusable packaging. Using them, transportation and storage of products become economical and convenient. Durable design as well as flexible construction of our pallet collars definitely allows to optimize the storage space.

We cooperate not only with logistics companies or production facilities. Our partners are also indyviual customers and garden stores, because pallet collars lep to organize space in the garden as well. They can be used, for instance, as composter or construction for flowerbeds.

Find out more about our offer, then please check out our products.